DBT in Galway/Roscommon

DBT programmes are available in both Adult and Child and Adolescent Services (CAMHS) across Galway & Roscommon. For further information please contact:


Galway East: DBT programmes are available based in the East Galway area. For further information please contact your GP or community mental health team.

Galway West / G.U.H.: Dr Eoin Ryan, Clinical Psychologist, Adult Mental Health Service, University Hospital Galway, Tel:  (091) 544458 or ask your  GP or local community mental health team for further information.

Roscommon: Dr Elena Chepukova, Counselling Psychologist, Roscommon Adult Mental Health Services. Tel: 909 66 65050/ 5060


Galway/Roscommon Community Services: Estella Keary, Clinical Psychologist, Roscommon/ East Galway CAMHS, Castlecourt House, Castle Street, Roscommon; Tel: 090 6630350

or call your GP or community mental health team.