Caidreamh-Engage, September 2017

Fáilte is fichid - welcome to the second issue of Caidreamh-Engage, the Enewsletter for and about mental health engagement across the country.

We would like to think that you enjoy our second issue and, as before, we more than welcome comments, compliments, contributions and complaints (of a general nature!).

Liam Hennessy, Head of Mental Health Engagement.

In This Issue

  • The Inaugural Limerick Forum: What Was it Like - a contribution by Owen Finnegan, a participant in the new Local Forum in Limerick. We would like to think that we can live up to his hopes, expectations and aspirations for the local fora!
  • Be Open! - by Rory Doody (Area Lead for CHO 4 Cork/Kerry) who tells us about an interesting conference on recovery that he attended in the early Summer in Iceland.
  • The West's Awake - by Orla O'Duinn (Occupational Therapy Manager in the CHO2 Galway Roscommon/Mayo Mental Health Service) who talks about her experience of engagement and recovery processes so far in the West.

Our National Team

Since the first issue of Caidreamh-Engage in May, a lot has been happening in all nine Community Healthcare Organisations (CHOs), facilitated by our hard working and committed Area Leads for Mental Health Engagement. We introduced you to the Area Leads in our first issue. Now that they have settled in, we would like to remind you that you can always find full contact details for our National Team and the Area Leads for Mental Health Engagement, here.

Those of you with an eye for detail will have noticed that we have a new member on the national team – Brendan Culleton. In fact, some of you may already have had dealings with him. Brendan is an occupational therapist by profession and we recognise that in the short time he has been at Mental Health Engagement, he has made a significant contribution to our work, not least in the design and layout of the Enewsletter.

Some Books Worth Reading


  • The Other Side of Silence: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir of Depression by Dr Linda Gask
  • Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon
  • Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
  • Hearing Voices: A History of Irish Psychiatry by Professor Brendan Kelly
  • Mindfulness: a practical guide to Finding Peace In A Frantic World by Professor Mark Williams and Danny Penman

Some of these books are expensive but it may be worth looking for, or ordering, them in local libraries.


Hope Poem

An buille scoir

Mental Health Engagement, at national and local level, is about changing culture to the benefit of all stakeholders in our mental health services.  And there is plenty evidence out there to suggest that, when culture change is involved, particularly if the culture is very longstanding, having fun can be a huge help in the drive for change. 

Mar sin, gread an gruaim agus bi ag gaire.