INvolve! Event

by Duana McArdle, December 2017

New directions, engagement and involvement highlighted for Mental Health Services in the Louth/Meath Area...


INvolve! was a hugely successful event to showcase HSE, Community and Voluntary Mental Health Supports in the Meath/Louth Area where over 100 people attended. The event highlighted Mental Health Engagement and the importance of increasing involvement and engagement of people with lived experience in  mental health related organisations.

Duana McArdle, Area Lead for Mental Health Engagement, partnered with Advancing Recovery Ireland (ARI) and people with lived experience of mental health difficulties to co-ordinate the event. HSE Mental Health Engagement, Mental Health Ireland, Mental Health Carer Support Groups, the National Learning Network, Local Mental Health Associations, Shine, Family Resource Centres, the local Sports Partnership and many more took part. The Dublin North East Recovery College, ARI, the Navan Trialogue and Mental Health Ireland conducted “taster” sessions on the night to highlight to people some of the areas they could become involved in. John Kelly from the Dublin North East Recovery College and a Louth/Meath Consumer Panel member also gave powerful accounts of their own personal experiences of mental health difficulties, recovery and involvement and how we all need to work together to combat the stigma which still surrounds mental health.

Siobhan McArdle Head of Mental Health Services HSE Midlands Louth Meath CHO spoke of the new direction in Mental Health Services towards recovery and community with a focus on collaboration and partnership.   A highlight for everyone on the night was the Ashbourne community choir who performed brilliantly with some uplifting songs.  Feedback from the event was resoundingly positive. The event truly valued the contribution of those who are using Mental Health Services and how they can begin to become part of shaping those services into the future.

If you would like more information on the organisations who attended or other engagement events upcoming in Midlands Louth Meath Community Health Care Organisation (CHO),   please contact Duana McArdle, HSE Area Lead Mental Health Engagement, at or phone 087 3761552. INvolve! was hugely uplifting and was kindly funded by Genio and the Service Reform Fund (SRF).

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    (Duana McArdle is Area Lead for Mental Health Engagement in CHO8 (Louth/Meath/Midlands))

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