Launch of a National Framework for Recovery

by Michael Ryan, December 2017

The National Framework for Recovery in Mental Health was launched by Anne O'Connor, National Director, Mental Health in Dublin on 20 November...

The Framework offers an agreed understanding of recovery and a recovery oriented service. It sets out the four core principles that underpin such a service as well as 16 specific actions and 24 identified measures that support the implementation of the Framework.


The Framework was co-produced with, and by, service users, family members and mental health professionals.  It builds on the significant progress made in developing recovery focused mental health services since A Vision for Change was published as Ireland’s national mental health strategy in 2006. Moreover, the Framework takes into account the various initiatives begun since then under the umbrella of the mental health services at national and local levels.  These have included Mental Health Engagement (MHE), Advancing Recovery in Ireland (ARI) and Eolas as well as numerous recovery developments at a local Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO) level.

The Framework defines recovery as being “intrinsically about people experiencing and  living with mental health issues in their lives and the personal goals they want to achieve in life, regardless of the presence or severity of those mental health issues”.

The Framework identifies the four core principles that underpin a recovery oriented service as:

  • The centrality of the service user lived experience
  • The co-production of recovery promoting services by  all stakeholders
  • An organisational commitment to the development of recovery oriented mental health services.
  • Supporting recovery oriented learning and recovery oriented practice across all stakeholder groups.


The Framework recognises that recovery has become the dominant concept internationally for mental health systems.  Our Irish Framework is a road map for developing recovery oriented services in Ireland from 2018 – 2020 when it will be reviewed.

Read more and download the Framework here.

(Michael Ryan is a Service Improvement Lead (SIL) and led the development of the National Framework)

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