Mental Health Service Learning Hub

Mental Health Service Learning Hub

The HSE Mental Health Services published the HSE Legal Activity Report Project Report in April 2010 and it was launched by John Moloney, T.D. and Minister for Disability and Mental Health. One of the elements of the organisational learning strategy referred to in the report was the development of a mental health services hub on the HSELand education and development website and accompanying e-learning modules on aspects of the Mental Health Act 2001”. Access the Mental Health Services Learning Hub You must first enroll to obtain your username and password.

Mental Health Services Learning Hub

The hub gives you access to high-quality education and training materials to support you in your job and help you achieve competencies for best practice.

  • mental health e-learning programmes
  • the learning framework
  • the learning repository
  • the community of practice
  • latest news

The hub also provides discussion forums/facilities for questions and blogs for individual HSE staff groups. 

Please contact your local ICT services to access a programme to run the hub if you are having difficulties