Our Participant Charter

Our participants have an absolute right to:

  • Dignity and respect
  • Fairness and non-discrimination
  • Confidentiality and privacy.

    They have the right to:
  • Have their needs identified
  • Have their time in Soilse fully utilised and valued
  • Take part in the Soilse programme
  • Choose their own goals
  • Participate in decisions about themselves
  • Consent to all decisions about themselves
  • Be heard
  • Challenge and question
  • Develop their own opinions and views
  • Express their opinions and views
  • Develop their individual talents
  • Have their cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity respected
  • Make complaints
  • Appeal decisions
  • Leave the programme at any time.


Participants also have the right to:

  • Personal safety (physical, emotional, mental, sexual)
  • A safe, clean environment
  • Professional staff, facilitators and facilities
  • High standards in all engagements with staff and facilitators
  • Ongoing emotional and educational support after they leave Soilse.


Participant responsibilities

  • Showing respect for staff and other participants
  • Being on time and taking part in the programme
  • Informing their keyworker if they are going to be late or absent
  • Participating in drug screening
  • Respecting the confidentiality of other participants.