Our Partnerships - Soilse

HSE Continuum of Care - our partners within the Health Service

  • Cuan Dara detoxification centre - a six-week residential detox programme
  • Keltoi residential treatment centre - an eight-week treatment programme
  • the Rehabilitation Integration Service - which offers supported accommodation and housing options. [A local authority housing assessment (HAT) officer also helps to address housing needs for participants]. 

Participants start in our stabilisation and detox preparation programme in Henrietta Place then go to Cuan Dara to detox. Those who successfully complete detox can then go to Keltoi for residential treatment. Following this, they return to Soilse's 18-week, drug-free day programme in Green Street to consolidate their recovery and gain the skills and knowledge for career progression.

Soilse also works closely with the Talbot Centre, a drug education service for families and young people in Dublin 1, and with HSE psychiatrists, counsellors, outreach services, maternity services, general assistants, community welfare officers, doctors and computer support staff.

City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) - our partner for literacy and career guidance

Difficulties with reading and writing, resulting from interrupted education and early school leaving, are common among Soilse participants. Soilse provides literacy assessments and ongoing literacy support. We also screen for dyslexia.

In addition, participants receive one-to-one guidance counselling to help them identify a personal progression pathway from rehabilitation to further education, training and employment.

Our partners in Dublin's north inner city

  • North Inner City Local Drug Task Force (NICLDTF) - we are involved in the task force's Treatment and Rehabilitation Group which focuses on information-sharing, policy and advocacy work
  • North West Inner City Network (NWICN) - we are represented on the Drug Working Group sub-committee. NWICN is a network of drug service providers operating in the area from O'Devaney Gardens to Hardwick Street in Dublin 7.

We also work with other agencies in the broader statutory, community and voluntary sectors which offer continuing care and progression options.