Appeals Process - Soilse

Sometimes an applicant may not be offered a place in Soilse or a participant may have his or her place withdrawn. In these cases, the person has the right:

  • to be told why; and
  • to appeal the decision.

The applicant or participant should speak with their Soilse key worker or Soilse contact person who will explain why they did not get a place or why their place was withdrawn.

If the person is not satisfied with the answer, he or she may lodge a formal appeal. To do this, he or she must write to Soilse's Head of Services and ask for a meeting. The meeting will be held as soon as is practicable. The person has the right to bring an advocate with them to this meeting to offer support or to speak on their behalf.

After the meeting, Soilse's Head of Services will investigate any concerns or complaints and write to the person with the outcome of the appeal.