Shanowen Day Centre, Castleisland

It is the philosophy of the mental health services at Shanowen Place to give you and your relatives the care and support needed to motivate you to use your abilities and resources to achieve your full potential in all areas of life. You may be referred to one or more of the following programmes, depending on your need. You can access services through your GP or by attending the Emergency Department of University Hospital, Kerry. Click here for more information on accessing services.

shanowen day centre

Health Promotion

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Exercise
  • Weight Control Groups
  • Literature/leaflets available
  • Social interaction/meeting friends/ isolation

Educational Issues

  • Information sessions on mental health issues, diagnosis, signs and symptoms, relapse, accessing the services, supports in place etc.
  • Medication management, their uses and side effects and depot medications effects on lifestyle and health issues associated with taking medication.
  • Psychotherapy
  • 1:1 Sessions 
  • Group Work (if similar needs identified)
  • Relaxation Therapy/Stress Management/Yoga, Aromatherapy/Anxiety Management
  • Addiction Therapy (alcohol/drugs/gambling – local support only)

Social Skills Training

Baking/cooking/shopping/using appliances/personal hygiene/clothing – dress/budgeting/using public transport or services.

Healthy Living Programme

  • Eli Lilly supported programme (12 weeks) “Solutions for Wellness”
  • Health Awareness Group

(Repeated regularly throughout the year)