• 1Nov

    Updates to the Covid-19 Vaccination Information System (Covax)

    The HSE will be conducting planned, essential updates to our COVID-19 Vaccination Information System (COVAX) and some vaccination services.

  • 28Oct

    HSE National Safeguarding Office Report

    Today, Thursday, 28th October 2021, the HSE published the 2020 National Safeguarding Office Report. This Report reviewed HSE safeguarding operations and data during an extraordinarily challenging year as well as offering commentary on emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. It also highlights the resilience and adaptability of safeguarding teams and staff in designated roles in continuing to respond to abuse and neglect concerns, despite the many challenges they faced during the several waves of Covid-19 during the pandemic in 2020.

  • 28Oct

    Antigen testing for close contacts

    From today, the HSE will begin registering fully vaccinated, asymptomatic close contacts for antigen tests. As stated at last week’s briefing, all close contacts will get a text message which states that if not fully vaccinated and / or symptomatic they will be referred for a PCR test and if fully vaccinated and asymptomatic they will be sent antigen tests to do at home.

  • 28Oct

    HSE ‘Thank you’ campaign asks people with COVID-19 symptoms to act quickly, get a test, and protect the people around them

    he HSE today (Oct 28th) commenced a new phase of the ongoing COVID-19 communications campaign. Our new ‘Thank you’ advertising messages ask people not to attend work or any other events if they have COVID-19 symptoms and is part of the HSE’s ongoing communications response to COVID-19.

  • 22Oct

    HSE Reminder: Get your COVID-19 vaccine this bank holiday weekend

    The HSE today (Friday, 22nd October) would like to remind everyone aged 12 years and over, who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine that you can still go to any of our walk-in vaccination clinics running over the bank holiday weekend for a dose 1 or dose 2 vaccine.

  • 22Oct

    If you Go, Go Slow' harm reduction campaign launches as night-time economy reopens on October 22nd

    In light of the night-time economy reopening today (Friday, 22nd October), the HSE is launching a new drugs harm-reduction campaign, reminding people who choose to use drugs: ‘If You Go, Go Slow’.

  • 22Oct

    Updated Guidance on Access to Maternity Hospitals

    The HSE has updated guidance on access for partners to hospitals, including maternity units. The maternity hospitals and the HSE remain committed to facilitating the support partner of a woman attending for antenatal care or childbirth, to be present to the greatest extent possible.

  • 20Oct

    Updated Nursing Homes Support Scheme legislation

    The Nursing Home Support Scheme, also known as Fair Deal, has been updated as of today Wednesday, 20th October 2021.

  • 20Oct

    The Living Well Programme: Developing self-management skills for adults with long term health conditions

    Living Well is a free programme for adults with long term health conditions such as diabetes, COPD, heart conditions, stroke, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease and many others

  • 19Oct

    Breastfeeding Buddies offering support in Sligo, Leitrim and the surrounding areas

    The COVID-19 pandemic brought global change to our everyday lives. One group who were significantly affected were breastfeeding families. Breastfeeding works best when women receive high quality practical and emotional support from professionals and peers including in the community. Many of the usual breastfeeding supports ceased or moved online during the pandemic. The lockdowns brought to the fore the isolation of new mothers, and as a result the HSE and community volunteers came together to trial a brand new initiative in Sligo, Leitrim and surrounding areas entitled ‘Breastfeeding Buddies’.