NDTP Hosts Second Annual National Medical Workforce Conference

HSE Press Release
Thursday, 9 November 2023

Today (Thursday, 9 November), the HSE National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP)’s annual National Medical Workforce Conference took place. Leaders from across the health service presented on the future work of our health service in relation to HSE Health Regions.

The theme of the conference was ‘The Impact of HSE Health Regions’ which was explored through three lenses - How We Work, How We Train and How We Live. Attendees heard from a wide range of experts from various bodies including the HSE, RCSI, and ICGP among others.

Launching the Model 3 Hospital Report Stephen Donnelly TD, Minister for Health said; “Our goal is to provide safe, timely, high-quality, integrated, and affordable care to the people who use our health and social care services. I want to help and support our workforce and the excellent work they do, to make the health service more agile and responsive to the needs of patients and local communities. By planning, co-ordinating and reforming how we work to deliver our health and social care services along regional lines, informed by a population health approach, the HSE Health Regions will better enable our workforce to provide the high quality integrated care our patients need.”

Speaking on the importance of today’s event Bernard Gloster, CEO, HSE said; “Engagement is an important part of any change to how we work. As the new Health Regions are implemented it is vital that those delivering heath care across the country are consulted. Today is another opportunity to do just that and to get together to discuss how we can support staff as these changes are delivered.”

Dr Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer, HSE said, “The Health Regions will bring changes to how we deliver services, benefitting patients by providing integrated care closer to where people live. The reconfiguration of service delivery will also impact on how we work across our health service. Today’s conference was an important opportunity to discuss the changes the new structure will have for our workforce.”

The important topic of wellbeing and work-life balance was discussed by HSE National Lead NCHD Dr Seán Casey, followed by a panel discussion on the lived experiences of flexible training from the perspectives of trainees, trainers, consultants and managers.

Leah O'Toole, Assistant National Director, HSE NDTP, acknowledging the contributions of the event speakers and attendees said; "We are thrilled to hear the ideas and conversations shared at this year's conference. As we look to the future, understanding how the workforce works, trains and lives is key to the continual improvement of the HSE Health Regions and in turn, to doctors delivering safe patient care.”

Last updated on: 10 / 11 / 2023