Review of the implications of the Cass Report for the provision of Gender Identity Services for children and young people in Ireland

In 2021 NHS England commissioned a Review of Gender Identity Development Service for Children and Adolescents chaired by Dr Hilary Cass.

Following publication of the Interim Cass Report, the HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) requested the National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate to review the interim Cass report and how it applies to clinical pathways from Ireland.

The HSE will establish a group during 2023 to develop an updated model of care for the treatment of gender dysphoria. The group will be led by an expert clinician from a relevant specialty who will oversee this process and ensure widespread stakeholder engagement. 

The HSE's goal is to develop a person-centred model of care and invest in an integrated service that meets the needs of transgender people in Ireland. 

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