HSE Annual and Corporate Publications

HSE Annual reports and corporate reports are available to read or download below

HSE Annual Reports and Financial Statements

HSE Corporate Plan 2015-2017.pdf (size 3 MB)

Plean Corparáideach FSS 2015-2017.pdf (size 1.2 MB)

Planning for Health - Trends and Priorities to inform Health Service Planning 2016.pdf (size 5 MB)

Organ Donation and Transplant Annual Report 2016

Capital Plan 2014.pdf (size 142.1 KB)

HSE Divisional Operational Plans

Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse.pdf (size 2.1 MB)

Community Healthcare Organisations Report

Cork and Kerry CHO Operational Plan 2015.pdf (size 7.5 MB)

Cork and Kerry CHO Operational plan 2015.pdf (size 1.2 MB)

Your Guide to Medical Cards and GP Visit Cards.pdf (size 655.8 KB)

Report of the Interim Administrator appointed by the HSE to the CRC.pdf (size 5.5 MB)

HSE National Operational Plan 2013.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

HSE National Service Plans

HSE Support Services Business Plans 2012

HSE Corporate Plan 2008-2011

HSE Corporate Plan 2005-2008

HSE Capital Plan 2012-2016

HSE Capital Plan 2011

HSE Code of Governance

National Review of Sexual Abuse Services for Children and Young People.pdf (size 1.6 MB)

Consultant Staffing Statistics

HSE Performance Assurance Reports

HSE Procedure for Receipt and Implementation of Report Recommendations

HSE South Audiology Review 2009

HSE National Audiology Review

Crisis Pregnancy Annual Report 2010

HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme and Equality Authority publish pregnancy at work research

Ultrasound Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy Miscarriage

Review of operational controls and an assessment of cost-containment measures for HSE West

Evaluation of Donegal Green Prescription Prescription.pdf (size 7.6 MB)

National Review of GP Out of Hours Services 2010

HSE Policy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

HSE Credit Card Expenditure

Palliative Care - A Five Year/Medium Term Development Framework

HSE Framework for Corporate and Financial Governance

Primary Care Reimbursement Service, Financial and Statistical Analyses

Towards Better Healthcare

Implementation of Action Plan for People Management 2nd Annual Progress Report

HSE Transformation Programme 2007-2010

HSE Corporate Safety Policy and Corporate Safety Statement

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