Palliative Care - A Five Year/Medium Term Development Framework

This document details the HSE's Palliative Care Services - Five Year Medium Term Development Framework (2009 - 2013). It has been developed using a holistic, system-wide, approach to addressing the level of need identified by both the Baseline Study on the Provision of Hospice / Specialist Palliative Care Services in Ireland (2006) as well as the HSE Audit of Palliative Care Service Provision (2007).

The HSE Audit was conducted by each of the four HSE Administrative Areas, in conjunction with Area Development Committees, against the recommendations of the Report of the National Advisory Committee on Palliative Care 2001 (the NACPC Report). Therefore, this document is grounded in the recommendations of the NACPC Report, (e.g. palliative care definition, palliative care service areas, staffing and bed number ratios), and informed by the findings of the HSE Audit.

The purpose of this document is not to replace the recommendations of the NACPC Report from a policy context, nor does it represent a new national strategy for palliative care. This document details the required actions and initiatives necessary to address the gaps in palliative care service provision, against the recommendations set out in the NACPC Report.

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