Environmental Health Publications

In this section you'll find publications on Environmental Health topics and the work of the Environmental Health Service in the HSE for the public and the business owner.

Publications for the public:

Guidance Note - provisions of Public Health Act (Alcohol)

Environment Health Review 2013 (2).pdf (size 2.8 MB)

How Well is your Water (advice for private well owners)

Food complaints (if the food you've bought is of poor quality -  learn how to make a complaint)

Complaints about food businesses (contact the Environmental Health Service about your complaint)

Food poisioning complaints

Flooded homes (a guide for home owners whose home has been flooded)

Legionnaires disease

Rodent control for householders

Fluoridation - Frequently Asked Questions

Publications for business owners:

Guidance Note - provisions of Public Health Act (Alcohol)

Food sampling

Food alerts

Retail sale of cosmetic products.pdf (size 134 KB)

Tobacco Control

Role of the retailer in tobacco control

Rodent control for the construction industry (a guide for architects, builders and site developers)

How to apply for an export certificate for food of non-animal origin

Environmental Health position papers:

EPA HSE Joint Position Statement Trihalomethanes in drinking water 

Radon gas in Ireland - A joint position statement by the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland and the HSE.

HSE Drinking Water and Health Review Guide 2008