Acute Hospital Bed Use Review

The Health Service Executive (HSE) on 1st June 2007 published its Acute Hospital Bed Use Review.

The Review found that 13% of patients were unnecessarily admitted to hospital and that 39% of the patients in hospital surveyed could have been treated in an alternative setting on the day of care, if appropriate alternatives were available.

The review was conducted across eight hospital networks (37 hospitals). A total of 3,035 patients were randomly sampled out of a patient population of 8,322. Acute medical and surgical inpatients were the focus of the review. 

The findings will be used to drive hospital performance improvement and re-configuration of services to achieve an increase in the levels of appropriate placement of patients outside of hospital settings and to reduce inappropriate admissions as well as an over-dependence on the hospital system.

You can view or download the report on this page. This publication has been divided for ease of download.

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