Independent Review of Maternity and Gynaecology Services in the greater Dublin area

KPMG was commissioned in May 2007 by the HSE to undertake an independent review of maternity and gynaecology services in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA). This report presents the key findings from the review, KPMG's view on the preferred model of care and a roadmap for implementation of the recommendations.

The appendices contain the key support material and data that were used to inform this report. This review concentrated on four key areas:

  1. To build on the strengths of the current service configuration and model of care;
  2. To define the optimal configuration of maternity, gynaecology and neonatology services for the GDA;
  3. To identify the optimal location of services; and
  4. To provide a roadmap for the future, outlining the steps required to get from where the service is now to our vision for the future.

The main report and appendices are available to read or download on this page.

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