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Publication: North East Regional Hospital Location Study

A review of Health Services in the North East commissioned from and undertaken by Teamwork Management Services Ltd., on behalf of the HSE.

The resultant report (Improving safety and achieving better standards, An Action Plan for Health Services in the North East - Teamwork Report) proposes a three-stranded action plan designed to improve health service safety and standards in the N.E. as follows:

The development of local services, with the existing five hospitals and primary and community care providers playing central roles;

The development of a new regional acute hospital;

Binding these local and regional services together through a series of clinical networks, which are centred around the needs of patients. The report outlines a series of actions to be pursued simultaneously, but delivered in the near, medium and longer terms respectively. The HSE has established a Steering Group and a Project Team structure to progress these provisions within a project framework.

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