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2009 Performance Reports

HSE Performance Reports 2009

The HSE Performance Reports for 2009 address the reporting requirements for the organisation to monitor progress against our objectives and commitments in the National Service Plan (NSP) 2009. This monthly report also complies with the reporting requirements to the Minister for Health and Children, as outlined under the Health Act 2004. Each month, additional metrics may be reported in the Performance and Supplementary reports as they are developed and validated.

Each month two reports are produced:

The Performance Report (PR) outlines an analysis of key performance data, including financial, HR resources and activity levels, at a corporate, network (NHO) and area (PCCC) level, providing summary information for the Performance Monitoring and Control Committee (PMCC), CEO, Management Team and Board to efficiently and effectively manage the organisation.

The Supplementary PR Report provides additional, more detailed data by Care Group / Hospital following the same integrated format as the NSP 09, as requested by the Department of Health and Children (DoHC). This includes performance activity, indicators, capital, new service developments and finance data. As our systems and processes improve, it will also feature WTE care group data. Twice a year, in June and December, progress against the actions / deliverables outlined in the NSP 09 feature by Care Group.

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