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2013 Performance Assurance Reports

The Planning, Performance and Business Information Unit collates the HSE's Performance Reports (PR), which provide an overall analysis of key performance data from Finance, HR, Hospital and Primary & Community Services. The activity data reported is based on Performance Activity and Key Performance Indicators outlined in the National Service Plan 2013 and the HSE Operational Plan 2013.

The PR is used by the Performance Monitoring & Control committee (PMCC), the Director General to monitor performance against planned activity, as outlined in the NSP, and to highlight areas for improvement. The PR also provides an update to the Department of Health on the delivery of the NSP.

A Supplementary Report is also produced each month which provides more detailed data on the metrics covered in the Performance Report.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Metadata

KPI templates are completed for all National Service Plan metrics and provide the most up to date information relating to KPIs. These include information such as definition, rationale, reporting frequency, and data source.  They underpin data quality, accessibility, records management for data collectors and inform users of data.

2013 KPI Metadata based on National Service Plan 2013

Health and Wellbeing and Governance Metadata 2013

Primary Care, Social Inclusion and Palliative Care Metadata 2013

Older People Metadata 2013

Disability Services Metadata 2013

Children and Family Services Metadata 2013

Acute Services, Ambulance & Cancer Services

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