Screening Process

All applications will be screened for eligibility using the essential qualifications, experience and skills outlined in the Job Specification. Only those applicants who possess the required essential criteria will be progressed to the next stage of the selection process.

Applicants may be shortlisted for interview based on information supplied in the application form at the closing date or in other specified assessment process.

Criteria for shortlisting are based on the requirements of the post as outlined in the post specific requirements, duties, skills, competencies and/or knowledge sections of the job specification and the information supplied in the competency based application form, if used. It is therefore very important that you think about your experience in light of those requirements and that you provide a detailed and accurate account of your qualifications and experience in your application.

Selection Methods
The selection process may involved additional assessments, tests or preliminary interviews. Applicants will be notified of these additional stages if applicable.

Candidates will normally be given at least one weeks' notice of interview. The timescale may be reduced in exceptional circumstances.

Interviews are normally conducted by a three person board consisting of subject expert(s) and management specialist(s). Most interviews are competency based with credit awarded by the interview board to candidates who demonstrate at interview that they possess the experience, competencies and skills listed in the Job Specification and as stated by the candidate in their application form.

The interview board will maintain an appropriate record of the interview in support of its subsequent recommendations.

Candidates for interview will be required to produce a form of recent photographic identification i.e. drivers licence, passport or student ID.

Results of Interview
Candidates wil be notified of the result of their interview at the earliest possible date after the interview. The recommendation of the interview board does not constitute a job offer as it is only one stage of the selection process. This selection process continues after interview and includes clearance checks such as references, Garda/police clearance, occupational health, validation of qualifications and experience.

Validation of Qualifications & Experience
Any credit given to a candidate at interview, in respect of claims to qualifications, training and experience is provisional and is subject to verification. The recommendation of the interview board is liable to revision if the claimed qualification, training or experience is not proven.

The HSE reserves the right to seek both written and verbal references from current and previous employers, educational institutions or any other organisations with which the candidate has been associated. The HSE also reserves the right to determine the merit, appropriateness and relevance of such references and referees. Please note that candidates are requested not to submit references with their application form.

Pre-Employment Health Assessment
Candidates will be required to undergo a medical assessment or to complete a form declaring their health status. The result of the examination or declaration will be reviewed by the HSE's Occupational Health Service.

Creation of Panels
For some competitions a panel of successful candidates may be formed as a result of the interviews. Candidates who obtain a place on the panel and who fulfill the conditions of the selection process may, within the life of the panel, be considered for subsequent approved vacancies. The candidate who obtains first place on the panel will be the first candidate considered for a position, subject to satisfactory clearances, and so on in order of merit. A panel is typically live for one year.