HR Circulars 2013

HR Circular 001/2013 re Long Term Absence Benefits Schemes Guidelines

HR Circular 002/2013 re Prevention and Management of Stress in the Workplace

HR Circular 003/2013 re Preventing and Managing Critical Incident Stress

HR Circular 004/2013 re Managing Offers of Employment

HR Circular 005/2013 re Employment Control Framework and Revised Approval Processes for 2013

HR Circular 006/2013 re Amendment to Parental Leave Entitlements

HR Circular 007/2013 - this circular has not been published to date.

HR Circular 008/2013 re Annual Certification of Registration of Social Workers with the Registration Board at CORU 2013

HR Circular 009/2013 re Salary for Trainee Medical Physicists

HR Circular 010/2013 re Career Break Scheme

HR Circular 011/2013 re Employment Control Framework - Numbers Reduction Measures 2013 -Incentivised Career Break Scheme (2013)

HR Circular 012/2013 re National Protocol for PRSI Classification

HR Circular 013/2013 re Manual Handling and People Handling Policy

HR Circular 014/2013 re Intern Scheme for Health Support Staff

HR Circular 015/2013 re Unified Career Structure, Audiology Staff

HR Circular 017 2013 re Regularisation of Acting Posts in conjunction with the new arrangements for the filling of short term posts and the reintroduction of Senior Staff Nurse positions

HR Circular 018/2013 re Public Service Stability Agreement 2013-2016: Concession Days for Existing Employees

HR Circular 020/2013 re New Public Sector Sick Leave Scheme - 1st January 2014

HR Circular 021/2013 re Emergency Call Outs

HR Circular 022/2013 re Voluntary Redundancy Facility (VR)

HR Circular 022/2012 re Voluntary Redundancy Facility (FAQ)

HR Circular 023/2013 re Sponsorship of Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing/Midwifery