HR Circulars 2012

To view HR Circulars for 2012, please click on the links below.

HR Circular 001/2012 re Accrual of Annual Leave for Part-time staff for hours worked in excess of contracted hours.

HR Circular 002/2012 re Method of application of sick pay scheme to fixed term employees (Officer Grades)

HR Circular 003/2012 re Payment of night duty premium (T 1/4) for hours worked after 8pm (all employees)

HR Circular 004/2012 re Public Holiday entitlement during sick leave (All Officer and General Support Staff who work a Mon-Fri attendance regime)

HR Circular 005/2012 re Pensionable Remuneration

HR Circular 006/2012 re Radiographer Grades

HR Circular 008/2012 re Accrual of annual leave during sick leave

HR Circular 009/2012 re Procedural arrangements for the short term filling of consultant positions by SpR/SRs in their final year of training for a period up to 3 months in a twelve month period

HR Circular 010/2012 re Interim Sub-allocation of the Approved Employment Ceiling for the Health Services at the end of 1st Quarter, 2012

HR Circular 011/2012 re Standardisation of Annual Leave Arrangements in the Public Health Sector - Existing Employees

HR Circular 012/2012 re Policy on Erasures and Sanctions issued by Regulatory Authorities against HSE employees

HR Circular 013/2012 re Performance Related Pay - Directors of Nursing

HR Circular 013(b) re Performance Related Pay - Directors of Nursing

HR Circular 014/2012 re Policy on Annual Certification of Registration of Nurses and Midwives with An Bord Altranais

HR Circular 015/2012 re Professional Competence

HR Circular 016/2012 re Compassionate Leave in the Health Service

HR Circular 019/2012 re Protocol on notification of Section 38 Agencies & PCRS of erasures & sanctions advised to the HSE by the statutory regulatory authorities

HR Circular 020/2012 re Self Certified Paid Sick Leave Arrangements

HR Circular 021/2012 re issues relating to Medical Staff