HR Circulars 2021

HR Circular 001 2021 National Collection of Weekly Absence for COVID-19

HR Circular 002 2021 Frontline Healthcare Employees with Childcare Responsibilities during COVID-19

HR Circular 003 2021 Carryover of Annual Leave for Frontline HCWs

HR Circular 004 2021 Further extension of waiver of abatement for specific frontline HCWs in the context of COVID-19

HR Circular 005 2021 Updated DPER FAQs re Working Arrangement and Leave associated with COVID-19

HR Circular 006 2021 Breastfeeding Policy for Public Health Service Staff

HR Circular 007 2021 COVID-19 Updated Absence Codes

HR Circular 008 2021 re New Family Law Guidelines

HR Circular 009 2021 Recognition of same sex marriages-civil partnerships under Public Service ‘Original’ Spouses’ and Children’s Contributory Pension Schemes

HR Circular 010 2021 Public Service Sick Leave Scheme

HR Circular 011 2021 Cessation of superannuation rate for certain clerical management grades

HR Circular 012 2021 Policy and Procedure on registration of Medical Scientists with the Medical Scientist Registration Board at CORU (Transitional Arrangements 2021)

HR Circular 013 2021 Special Leave with Pay for COVID-19 – Premium Payments

HR Circular 014 2021 Fraud and Corruption

HR Circular 015 2021 Updated FAQs re working arrangements and leave associated with COVID-19

HR Circular 016 2021 Revised Arrangements for Absence Reporting

HR Circular 017 2021 Waiver of Pension Abatement

HR Circular 018 2021 Family Leave and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2021

HR Circular 019 2021 Guidance on Minimum Pension Ages and Compulsory Retirement Ages in the Public Service

HR Circular 020 2021 Health Care Assistants in Mental Health Facilities

HR Circular 021 2021 Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Right to Disconnect

HR Circular 022 2021 Arrangements for health service employees in relation to travel overseas

HR Circular 023 2021 Re-grading of Home Help Co-ordinators

HR Circular 024 2021 Application of pension increase policy to qualifying pensions arising from restoration of fixed allowances for serving public servants on 1 October 2020

HR Circular 025 2021 Updated DPER FAQs re Working Arrangements and Leave associated with COVID-19

HR Circular 026 2021 HSE Policy on Annual Certification of registration with relevant registration boards at CORU

HR Circular 027 2021 re DOH Circular 10 2021 Pension increases arising from approved increases in fixed location and qualification allowance for nursing grades with effect from 1 March 2019

HR Circular 028 2021 Removal of the Public Service Pension Reduction (PSPR)

HR Circular 029 2021 Application of 1 July 2021 FEMPI Pay Restoration for certain public health service grades with basic salary of not more than €150,000

HR Circular 030 2021 Revised Arrangements for Change in Contract requests during the COVID-19 Outbreak

HR Circular 031 2021 Revised Arrangements re Compensation for Overtime and Twilight Payments in the Public Health Sector. Restoration of the Tool Allowance to pre-HRA level

HR Circular 032 2021 Overseas Travel

HR Circular 033 2021 Application of 1 October 2021 Pay Adjustments

HR Circular 034 2021 Guidance and FAQs for Public Service Employers during COVID-19 in relation to working arrangements

HR Circular 035 2021 NCHD Recruitment and References

HR Circular 036 2021 Instruction on the pension increase policy in the Public Service until end 2022

HR Circular 037 2021 Revisions to DOH Consolidated Salary Scales of 1st October 2021

HR Circular 038 2021 re Working from Home and Special Leave with Pay for COVID-19 (SLWP)

HR Circular 039 2021 Revision of Domestic Subsistence Allowances

HR Circular 040 2021 re Updated DPER FAQs re Working Arrangements and Leave associated with COVID-19 - 26 Nov 2021

HR Circular 041 2021 Introduction of a 2 Year HSE General Employment Permit for NCHDs

HR Circular 042 2021 Recruitment of NCHDs Guidance Document

HR Circular 043 2021 Update on HSE Circular 40/2021 – DPER Quick Guide Close Contacts and Restricted Movements