HR Circulars 2017

HSE HR Circular 002/2017 - Extension of (1) Insurance Based Scheme and 2) Insurance based Mechanism, to Nurses employed in Emergency Departments and Related Areas.

HR Circular 003/2017 - Implementation of DoH Circular 1/2017 re Paternity Leave

HR Circular 004/2017 - HSE Policy on the Annual Certification of Registration of Nurses and Midwives with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland

HR Circular 005/2017 - Application of 1 April 2017 pay adjustments and related measures in accordance with the Financial Emergency measures in the Public Interest Act 2015 and the Public Service Stability Agreement 2013-2018 (LRA)

HR Circular 006/2017 - Annual Certification of Registration with CORU

HR Circular 007 2017 Domestic Subsistence Allowance

HR Circular 008 2017 re Motor Travel Rates

HR Circular 009 2017 re Subsistence Allowance Abroad

HR Circular 010 2017 re Nursing Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Initiatives

HR Circular 011 2017 re Job Evaluation Scheme Support Staff incl Appendix 1

HR Circular 012 2017 re Employer Obligation to Doctors on Postgraduate Specialist Medical Training Schemes

HR Circular 013 2017 re Injury at Work Allowance

HR Circular 014 2017 re Pilot Pre Retirement Initiative for Nurses Midwives

HR Circular 015 2017 re Sponsorship for Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing Sexual Assault Forensic Examination NQAI Level 9

HR Circular 016 2017 re Conditions and process by which permanent consultant posts may be filled with locum or temp appts Addendum to HR Circ 021 2015

HR Circular 017 2017 - Incorporation of Living Out allowance and Parental Leave for NCHDs

HR Circular 018 2017 re Nursing Staff Return to Work Arrangements

HR Circular 019 2017 re DOH Circular 8 2017 Salary Rates for future CEO appointments to Section 38 Agencies

HR Circular 020 2017 re DOH Circular 9 2017 re Salary Rates for grades not already adjusted on April 2017 salary scales

HR Circular 021 2017 re Qualifications required for Consultant Posts

HR Circular 022 2017 re National Vetting Bureau Acts 2012-2016 - Garda Vetting of Existing Health Service Employees Engaged in relevant work with Children or Vulnerable Persons - Section 21

HR Circular 023 2017 re Interim salary scales to apply to new entrant Academic Consultants

HR Circular 024 2017 re Interns Recruited under Terms of HRA

HR Circular 025 2017 re Nurses Midwives under the Nursing Medical Section of the HRA in the Social Care including Primary Care and Intellectual Disability sectors - transfer of tasks

HR Circular 026 2017 re Extension of Nursing Re-location Allowance

HR Circular 027 2017 re Nursing Midwifery Health, Safety and Welfare at Work

HR Circular 028 2017 re Reporting of extent of compliance with the requirements of the European Working Time Directive in relation to Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors and Social Care staff

HR Circular 029 2017 re Injury Allowance Degree of Impairment and Retrospective Application

HR Circular 030 2017 re Starting Pay for HSE staff who self fund the Nursing Degree Programme

HR Circular 031 2017 re Single Public Service Pension Scheme - Implementation of Government Decision

HR Circular 032 2017 re New National Framework Agreement for Agency Services

HR Circular 033 2017 re Payment of Allowance to Psychiatric Nurses working in the Community

HR Circular 034 2017 re Support Staff Interns - Recognition of previous service

HR Circular 035 2017 re Peer Flu vaccination programme 2017

HR Circular 036 2017 re Restoration of Nursing Midwifery Allowances to New Entrants

HR Circular 037 2017 re Application of 1 January 2018 Pay Adjustments and related measures