HR Circulars 2016

HR Circular 001/2016 - re DoH Circular 1/2016, Increase in State Pension (Contributory) effective from 8th January 2016

HR Circular 002/2016 - re DoH Circular 2/2016, Expiry of Increment Measures Under the Terms of the Haddington Road Agreement

HR Circular 003/2016 - re DoH Circular 3/2016, Transfer of Tasks from NCHDs to Nurses/Midwives under Haddington Road Agreement

HR Circular 004/2016 - Labour Court Recommendation re Clinical Psychologist's Pay

HR Circular 005/2016 - re DoH Circular 4/2016, Revised Salary Scales for Student Nurses

HR Circular 006/2016 - English Language Requirements for NCHDs

HR Circular 007/2016 - Agreement between the HSE and the IMNO under the Auspices of the Workplace Relations Commission on 14th December 2015 including revised proposals on 11th January 2016

HR Circular 008/2016 - Assimilation Arrangements for Temporary Assignment of Staff (LCR 21104)

HR Circular 009/2016 Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012 - New Restriction re Calculation of Pension Benefits

HR Circular 010/2016 – Implementation of DOH Circular 7/2016 – Initiation of Single Scheme Administration Project

HR Circular 011/2016 - Implementation of DOH Circular 12/2016 – Personal Fund Threshold (PFT) – Implications of the Extension of ‘Grace Period’ to 1st April 2019

HR Circular 012/2016 Sanction for Payment of Allowance for Psychiatric Nurses working in the Community

HR Circular 013/2016 - Mental Health Nurse Retirees - Return to Work Pay Arrangements

HR Circular 014/2016 - Job Evaluation Scheme 2016

HR Circular 016/2016 - Incremental Credit in respect of Nursing/Midwifery Clinical Placement: 2011-2015 Graduates                

HR Circular 17/2016 - REVISED - Implementation of Department of Health Circular 14/2016 – New Minimum Wage Resulting in Increase in 1st Point of Trainee Phlebotomist Salary Scale

HR Circular 18/2016 - Temporary Contracts for Posts at a Higher Grade