HR Circulars 2002

DOHC HR Circular no 17/02 re New Arrangements for the Issue of Work Permits.pdf (size 2.2 MB)

DOHC HR Circular 29/02 re Revision of Allowances for Registrars House Officers and Interns.pdf (size 400.1 KB)

DOHC HR Circular no 31/02 re Remuneration of Leading Emergency Medical Technician and Emergency Medical Controller Consolidated Salary Scales Euro Version.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

DOHC HR Circular no 37/02 re Report of the Expert Group on Radiography Grades.pdf (size 516.5 KB)

DOHC HR Circular no 45/02 re October Sessional Rates for Psychiatrists.pdf (size 518 KB)

DOHC HR Circular no 54/02 re Staff Radiotherapists.pdf (size 332.6 KB)

DOHC HR Circular no 55/02 re Pay Increase for GPs participating in Phase 1 of National Cervical Screening Programme.pdf (size 407.3 KB)

DOHC HR Circular no 56/02 re Revision of Remuneration for Masters.pdf (size 349.8 KB)

DOHC HR Circular no 57/02 re Retired Consultants Public Service Pay Agreement under PPF.pdf (size 392.7 KB)

DOHC HR Circular no 66/02 re Senior Dental Assistants ERHA.pdf (size 356.4 KB)

DOHC HR Circular 19/04/02 re Qualifications for the Posts of Medical Scientist Senior Medical Scientist and Chief Medical Scientist.pdf (size 2.9 MB)

DOHC HR Circular 28/06/02 re Clinical Indemnity Scheme.pdf (size 2.7 MB)

DOHC HR Circular 02/12/02 re Revised Qualifications for the Posts of Medical Scientist Senior Medical Scientist and Chief Medical Scientist.pdf (size 3.1 MB)

DOELG Circular no EL3 25/03/02 re Local Authority Staff Agreement on the Adjustment to the Terms of the PPFLump Sum.pdf (size 1.2 MB)

HSEA HR Document 2002 re Job Profile Laboratory Manager Grade.pdf (size 1.8 MB)

HSEA HR Circular 2002 re Residential Manager Social Care Manager Deputy Social Care Manager.pdf (size 525.4 KB)

HSEA HR Circular 30/01/02 re Long Service Increment Ambulance Personnel.pdf (size 434.2 KB)

HSEA HR Circular 02/02/11 re Dental Surgery Assistants and Hygienists Salary Scales.pdf (size 2.7 MB)

HSEA HR Circular 04/02/02 re Performance Related Pay Scheme for Directors of Nursing Band 1 Acute Hospitals and Mental Health Services.pdf (size 490 KB)

HSEA Letter to CUH and St Lukes 20/02/02 re Introduction of Radiation Therapists Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapy.pdf (size 4.1 MB)

HSEA Letter to DOF 28/02/02 re Benchmarking List B Health Service Grades.pdf (size 2.1 MB)

HSEA Letter to MHB 06/03/02 re Lump Sum Payable from 1 April 2002.pdf (size 781.3 KB)

HSEA HR Circular 07/03/02 re Introduction of Nursing Degree Programme Transfer of Staff Establishment of Centres for Nurse Education.pdf (size 544 KB)

HSEA Letter to DOHC 12/03/02 re Ambulance Personnel Pay Scales.pdf (size 1.4 MB)

HSEA HR Circular 22/03/02 re Medical Laboratory Technician Technologist Grades Revised Grading Structure and Salaries.pdf (size 3.8 MB)

HSEA HR Circular 29/05/02 re Radiography Grades Revised Grading Structure and Salaries.pdf (size 4.7 MB)

HSEA HR Circular 04/06/02 re Medical Scientists.pdf (size 956.6 KB)

HSEA HR Circular 04/09/02 re Specialist Qualification Allowance Nurses.pdf (size 396 KB)

HSEA HR Circular 17/10/02 re Upgrading of Certain Hospital Laboratory Posts.pdf (size 4 MB)

HSEA HR Circular 30/10/02 re National Pilot Programme for Healthcare Assistants.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

HSEA Letter to Impact 13/11/02 re Play Specialists and Senior Play Specialists.pdf (size 4.8 MB)

DOF Document 06/03/02 re Reduction in Employers PRSI.pdf (size 498.2 KB)