The Independent Assessment Panel

An Independent Assessment Panel has been appointed to consider the designation of both the Major Trauma Centre for the Central Trauma Network and the Dublin Trauma Unit(s). The Panel is made up of a number of domestic members with local knowledge of the Irish healthcare system and a number of international experts who have experience in trauma-related specialties and trauma networks in other jurisdictions.

The Panel will use the designation framework to review submissions by the Hospital Groups in the Dublin region for their hospitals to be designated as the Major Trauma Centre. Site visits and other relevant data will also be taken into consideration.

The Panel will then provide advice to the Trauma Review Implementation Group (TRIG) on the location of the Major Trauma Centre and the location and number of Dublin Trauma Unit(s).

Following consideration of the advice of the Panel, the TRIG will make a recommendation to the HSE who will then make a recommendation to the Department of Health.


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