NFR resources and training

Tips on how to access and use the National Financial Regulations (NFR) documents

On the NFR documents page, you can view a pdf of each NFR and the associated Key Control Checklist. The documents should be viewed in Chrome to ensure you are viewing the latest version and complying with the most up to date controls. Using Chrome also allows you to avail of all of the accessibility functionality built into the documents.

While reading the document in Chrome:

  • avoid using the Chrome back button as this will exit the document.
  • right click on a link and select "open in new tab" to open a link to another website or external document. This ensures the external link opens in a new tab rather than overwriting the NFR that is currently open.
  • use the interactive Table of Content to jump to relevant content easily.
  • review FAQs as you may find the answer to your question quickly.
  • the button at the bottom of each page will take you back to the Table of Contents

Read the About the NFRs page for more helpful tips within the introduction video to the rewritten NFR documents.

HSELanD NFR eLearning Programme

Understanding the National Financial Regulations (NFRs) eLearning programme will provide all staff with an understanding of the NFRs. It also provides an awareness of the controls and guidance that they must follow to ensure compliance with the HSE’s internal controls.

The eLearning programme contains four modules and an assessment and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Access Understanding the National Financial Regulations (NFRs) course on HSELanD

YouTube Channel for NFR related training

The Governance and Compliance team have a YouTube channel where you can find many helpful training and informational videos related to the NFRs.

Visit the Governance and Compliance YouTube channel

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