National Finance Division

National Finance Division Mission: To secure and account for the maximum appropriate investment in health and social care by supporting services to deliver and demonstrate value, probity and sustainability in the use of resources


The National Finance Division is responsible for providing Financial Reporting, Planning, Policy, Governance, and the Management of Financial Systems across the HSE.

It is also responsible for the delivery of core transaction processing activities which are critical to, and underpin the effectiveness, of overall HSE financial management practices.

The Division is led by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who has accountability for financial management across the entire health system.

The National Finance Division works with Local Finance to understand and support the financial performance of each Operational Service Area and engages with the Department of Health on the HSE’s overall financial performance.

Senior Finance Team, National Finance Division

Chief Financial Officer

Mairead Dolan, Interim CFO

With accountability for financial management over the entire Health Service, the CFO ensures a strong, integrated financial performance system is in place.

Acutes Finance

Gerry Greville, Interim Assistant CFO

Responsible for ensuring a strong, integrated financial performance system is in place for the National Acutes Division.

Community Finance

Raymonde O'Sullivan, Assistant CFO

Provides financial business partnering support to Community Operations

Costing and Pricing and Healthcare Pricing Office

Brian Donovan, Assistant CFO

Provides leadership for and management of Activity Based Funding (ABF), setting the national DRG prices on which the ABF system is based and being a strategic driver for change

Finance Shared Services

Damian Casey, Assistant CFO

Responsible for the delivery of transactional processes for the HSE, including payment of HSE staff and suppliers

Finance Specialists

Monica Percy, Interim Assistant CFO

Provides focused financial leadership across the HSE in relation to governance and the effectiveness of the system of internal financial and other controls.

IFMS & Finance Reform

Valerie Plant, IFMS Programme Director and Assistant CFO

Leading the delivery of the Finance Reform programme including the new National Single Integrated Financial Management and Procurement System (IFMS) for the Health Service

Planning and Performance

Colum Maddox, Assistant CFO

Ensures the HSE has in place robust financial planning and financial performance reporting frameworks that facilitate financial management and control.


John Swords, National Director of Procurement

Provides a range of specialist services and advice in delivering a fully integrated sourcing, logistics and compliance improvement service for the HSE.