HBS Estates and sustainable buildings

Sustainable design, construction and operation of our buildings can:

  • reduce negative impacts on the environment
  • improve the health and comfort for building occupants

We have a responsibility and legal requirement to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings. This includes creating staff awareness to help us do this.

HBS Estates ensures our healthcare facilities and buildings are sustainable. This relates to design and operation.

This is achieved by:

  • ensuring the development of sustainable facilities and buildings in both design and operation
  • upgrading existing buildings to improve energy efficiency and sustainability
  • using fuel-efficient technologies and smart energy management systems
  • developing innovative ways of improving the sustainability of healthcare estates
  • providing technical support and advice to services
  • providing staff energy awareness advice and training to services

The Estates Energy Bureau has energy managers in each of the 4 estates regional areas. These cover Dublin Mid Leinster, Dublin North East, West and South.


Circular economy guidance for construction clients: how to practically apply circular economy principles at the project brief stage (PDF, 6MB, 32 pages)

How to specify low carbon cement (PDF, 53.2KB, 3 pages)

How to specify healthy healthcare interiors (PDF, 42.3KB, 2 pages)

Design out Waste: A design team guide to waste reduction in construction and demolition projects (PDF, 1.89MB, 21 pages)

Health Technical Memorandum 07-07: sustainable health and social care buildings (PDF, 5.65MB, 80 pages)