Public transport and car sharing

If active travel like cycling or walking is not an option for you, choose public transport or car sharing.

Public transport

Annual tax saver tickets

Annual tax saver tickets encourage more people to use public transport.

As a HSE employee you can:

  • get discounted public transport commuter tickets
  • save between 31% and 52% on travel costs because of tax, PRSI and USC savings

Plan your journey

The National Transport Authority’s journey planner helps with planning public transport.

Car sharing

For journeys requiring a car, why not try car sharing.

Car sharing offers a cost-effective and more sustainable way of travelling by car.

Get car sharing tips on the National Transport Authorities website.


Promoting public transport (PDF, 223KB, 2 pages)

Promoting car sharing and more efficient use of cars (PDF, 321KB, 4 pages)


Carpooling - benefits (PDF, 3.88MB, 1 page)

Carpooling - editable poster (Word File, 2.57MB, 1 page)

Tax saver - promotional poster (PDF, 396KB, 1 page)