Single-use catering plastics

Plastic pollution affects our waters and marine life. It also affects our health. Oil used in the production of plastic can give rise to emissions and climate change.

Ban on single-use plastic in the public sector

Health Service Executive purchasers should no longer buy:

  • single-use plastic beverage cups
  • single-use plastic cutlery
  • single-use plastic drinking straws

The only exception to this is where there is a health, hygiene or safety issue.

See guide for the removal of single-use catering plastics



Guide for the removal of single use cups, cutlery and straws for the Health Service Executive (HSE) and organisations funded by the HSE (PDF, 834KB, 8 pages)


Choose to refuse - single use straws (PDF, 77KB, 1 page)

Choose to refuse - packaged food and takeaway containers (PDF, 8.9KB, 1 page)

Choose to refuse - single use cups (PDF, 77.3KB, 1 page)