Saving water at work

Water is a valuable resource but we often take it for granted. By conserving water we can protect this resource, along with reducing water and energy bills.

Remember if you haven’t measured it, you can't manage it.

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Measuring, monitoring and benchmarking water use

Guidance for staff

  • Report leaking taps, toilets and showers to the maintenance department.
  • Do not leave any equipment that uses water running when not in use.
  • Put on dishwashers with a full load and do not overfill kettles.
  • Only use hot water when necessary to save energy.
  • Look out for any opportunities to save water - do not assume someone else has identified the opportunity.
  • Be mindful of your water use - turn off taps when brushing teeth or shaving.

Guidance for maintenance managers

  • Monitor your water use on a regular basis.
  • Calculate your water use and compare it with similar healthcare facilities.
  • Check your site for water leaks.
  • Use an online data logger, installed on your internal sub-meter or mains meter, to check your daily water use.
  • Install sub-meters, which allow you to record water use in specific zones.
  • Complete a survey of the main fixtures and fittings.
  • Compare your hospital with national best practice benchmarks.
  • Compare your main fixtures and fittings to best practice flow rates.
  • Examine the supply pressure of water throughout your site.

The Acute Hospital Water Stewardship Programme

Uisce Eireann Water stewardship initiative, supported by HSE Capital & Estates, which aims to reduce water consumption and advance water management in our acute hospital sites. Participating hospitals will begin by developing a water map of their premises to identify potential risks and challenges.

This programme is facilitated by 20FIFTY Partners, who provide training and conduct on-site visits alongside representatives from Uisce Éireann.

Find out more about the Acute Hospital Water Stewardship Programme (

Estates Sustainability Officers

Contact your local estates sustainability officer for advice and guidance on water conservation.


Best practice guidance

Water Efficiency: A best practice guide for Irish Healthcare Facilities (PDF, 4MB, 24 pages)

Resource efficiency for community nursing units and nursing homes (PDF, 2.1MB, 20 pages)

Fact sheets

Water use benchmarks for hospitals (PDF, 455KB, 2 pages)

HSE leak detection guidance (PDF, 94.8KB, 3 pages)

How to Guide

How to harvest unused reverse osmosis water (PDF, 621KB, 4 pages)

Case studies

Water data logging saves €183,000 per year - Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown (PDF, 528KB, 2 pages)

Water bill savings through leak detection - Newcastle Community hospital, Wicklow (PDF, 1MB, 2 pages)

Reverse Osmosis water harvesting - Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore (PDF, 536KB, 2 pages)

Reverse Osmosis water harvesting - Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise (PDF, 522KB, 2 pages)