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Staff Health & Wellbeing Funding Initiative

Staff Health & Wellbeing Funding Application Form (PDF, 916KB, 7 pages)

Please complete the application form and return it to hwb.dncc@hse.ie by the 21st of each month to be considered by the Funding Committee.

The frequently asked questions document has answers to the most common questions around submitting your application, along with contact details of your Network Health Promotion & Improvement Officer that can help you complete your application FAQ Document (PDF, 551KB, 5 pages).

If you would like more information on the Staff Health & Wellbeing Funding initiative or an application form please email hwb.dncc@hse.ie.

Steps to Health Challenge 2024

Challenge Dates: 13 May – 16 June 2024. Closing date to register is May 3 2024. Please register using this link: https://www.srs.hse.ie/steps/

What is Steps to Health?

Steps to health is a five week walking challenge that supports staff in the HSE and other health care organisations to get more active and to increase their physical activity levels. The aim is to get out walking and counting your steps daily while connecting with your work colleagues in a fun way whilst also improving your health and wellbeing. 

How does Steps to health work?

Setting up a team

Recording your Steps

  • Get active daily by stepping or moving with your teammates. Every Move Counts!
  • Record your daily steps using phones, personal devices or step counters
  • Record your teams total weekly steps each week for the 5 weeks

Steps to Health for Wheelchair Users:

It is possible to take part as a wheelchair user. While the HSE Steps challenge is obviously based on logging steps there are several ways in which wheelchair users' activity can be recorded as steps. Activity trackers such as FitBit and Apple Watches and personal devices can convert movement to steps.

Track the distance wheeled:

An odometer, which can be purchased from a cycle or sports equipment store can be attached to the wheelchair and will monitor the distance covered each day. The distance can then be converted to steps by using the following equation: 1km = 1250 steps.

How to stay active after steps to health:

Keep an eye out for local competitions and leader boards in your area.

Click this link to find out more about being active: Find out more about being active for your health and wellbeing 

Check out the new physical activity guidelines and sedentary behaviour guidelines for Ireland (gov.ie) and see how much physical activity you should be doing every day.

October Staff Health and Wellbeing Month Webinars 2023

Wellbeing at Work Resources

A toolkit for wellness at work was developed to support wellness at work and is a guide, which will help you to set up and run successful, staff health and wellbeing initiatives in your workplace

A Toolkit for Wellness at Work in Community Healthcare Organisation Dublin North City and County (PDF 1,802KB, 37 pages)

The wellbeing at work booklet will highlight some of the ways that you can care for your health and wellbeing and signpost supports available to you as a healthcare worker in CHO DNCC

Wellbeing at Work - A resource for employees 2020 (PDF, 1,260KB, 19 pages)

The Healthy Workplace Framework from the department of Health aims to support the growth of effective approaches to enhance health and wellbeing in the workplace.
Follow the link to find out more about the Healthy Workplace Framework

Staff Health and Wellbeing Resource

This brochure presents resources that have been developed at a national level and are available to all HSE staff to support their Personal Health and Wellbeing and to create supportive environments.

HSE Staff Health and Wellbeing Resources and Initiatives (PDF, 4.82MB, 12 pages)

Staff Magazine and Health & Wellbeing Newsletters

October Staff Health and Wellbeing Month Webinars 2022