Teacher Wellbeing

Minding your Wellbeing

A new video-based Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme called Minding Your Wellbeing is now freely accessible. Brought to you by HSE Health and Wellbeing, this evidence-based programme provides a unique opportunity for people to learn more about mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience.

Minding Your Wellbeing aims to provide simple tools and guidance to develop and maintain a positive outlook by looking after our mental health and wellbeing.

The programme consists of 5 video sessions (of about 20 minutes each) which you can visit below.

  1. Practicing Self-Care
  2. Understanding Our Thoughts
  3. Exploring Emotions
  4. Building Positive Relationships
  5. Improving Our Resilience

Stress Control

Stress Control is an evidence-based programme that teaches you practical skills to deal with stress. The free 6 YouTube sessions are broadcast online.


Yoga for Beginners

This is a set of 8 sessions on Yoga for Beginners from HSE Health and Wellbeing

Pilates for Beginners

Welcome to a series of 8 videos (approx 30 minutes long) from HSE Health and Wellbeing.

Pilates for beginners will guide you through the movements and practice to help build Pilates into your exercise routine to support your health and wellbeing. These videos have been developed for beginners and up.

‘Minding Yourself’ Series

The ‘Minding Yourself’ Series demonstrates some quick and easy stretches which you can do at your desk, whether at work or at home.

Minding Yourself Exercises - energising stretch break - 4mins (Youtube video)

Minding Yourself Exercises....Quick & Easy Desk Stretches - 10 mins (Youtube)

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga can be a simple addition to your day to support your mental and physical health

Chair Yoga is now available as part of our free series of exercise videos. Chair Yoga is 4 short videos to guide your movement as you sit down and stand beside a chair.

Watch a Youtube video about chair yoga