Relationships and Sexuality Education Resources for Primary School Teachers

RSE Teacher Training

RSE training for Primary School Teachers is provided by the Professional Development Service for Teachers

HSE Resources for RSE home-school links

HSE Resources for RSE home-school links

“Busy Bodies” provides information on the physical and emotional changes that children may experience during puberty, to reassure them that puberty is a normal part of growing up.  Busy Bodies is a useful resource to help support both teachers and parents in providing information on puberty to children aged approximately between 8 and 12. The Busy Bodies booklet (updated 2020) can be downloaded or ordered in hard copy in both Irish and English. The Busy Bodies video has not yet been updated but the old version may still be accessed at

“Making the 'Big Talk' many small talks” is a series of resources developed to help parents to talk with their children about relationships and sexuality. They may also be useful for teachers.  There are currently 3 titles available, with a fourth, for parents of 13-18 years olds, expected in late 2021. All of these are available in Irish and English to download or order in hard copy.

  •  “Making the 'Big Talk' many small talks: For parents of 4 - 7 year olds”.  The resource is comprised of two booklets; a parent's/carer’s guide, 'Making the 'Big Talk' many small talks: For parents of 4 - 7 year olds', and a story booklet, 'Tom's Power Flower; A gentle explanation of how babies are made'. THIS IS A REBRANDED VERSION of 'Talking to Your Young Child about Relationships, Sexuality and Growing Up', with no significant content changes. The older version will still be supplied until stocks are exhausted.
  • “Making the 'Big Talk' many small talks: For parents of 8 - 12 year olds” is a resource for parents and carers to complement the Busy Bodies puberty and adolescent booklet for their children. 
  •  “Making the 'Big Talk' many small talks: Healthy Ireland library collection” is a booklet for parents, carers and professionals listing the range of books on the topic of relationship and sexuality which have been made available in the 330 libraries through the ‘Healthy Ireland at your Library scheme’.

“Teachers may find it useful to provide parents with these resources in advance of teaching RSE classes in school. To facilitate this, teachers may register as professionals on and order resources in greater numbers than advertised on the main page.