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MECC is moving to HSeLanD

The Making Every Contact Count Training Programme is moving to HSeLanD (

All users have been sent emails on 27th April to advise of this change and any steps that need to be taken.

If you have any queries about the move to HSeLanD, please email  


The Making Every Contact Count training programme is available to all healthcare professionals in Ireland. It was developed in consultation with healthcare professionals and patients in order to provide effective tools and knowledge to carry out a brief intervention with patients or service users.

The eLearning training programme consists of 8 x 30-minute eLearning modules. Two new modules were developed in 2021.

  • Overweight and Obesity
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

Users can return to any of the modules in the eLearning training programme to recap on the topics covered. Additional information can be accessed in the Extend My Learning section. This provides an opportunity to complete practical exercises to support the transfer from learning to practice. 

Outline of the eLearning modules

The Making Every Contact Count training modules include:

  • Introduction to behaviour change – providing a foundation in behaviour change theory and techniques including the underlying principles of a patient-centred approach.
  • Six topic modules on smoking, alcohol and drugs, healthy eating, active living, overweight and obesity and mental health and wellbeing.
  • A skills into practice module - demonstrates the skills of how to carry out a brief intervention across a range of topics through a suite of video scenarios using real-life healthcare professionals. If you have not previously completed the MECC eLearning please click here to register for training

Register for training


Following completion of the MECC eLearning there will be an opportunity to complete an ‘Enhancing your Brief Intervention skills’ workshop.

The training programme has also been approved by some Healthcare Professional bodies for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points

COVID-19 Update

The ‘Enhancing your Brief Intervention Skills’ workshops are available face to face (3.5 hours) and virtually (2.5 hours). For further information please email:

Browser information

To run the modules you will need Internet Explorer Version 10 or above. Check which version is installed on your computer.

You can also download Chrome to enable you to view the modules.