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Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacterales (CPE) is the newest in a long line of 'superbugs' (bacteria that are hard to kill with antibiotics).

Of all the superbugs, CPE is the most difficult to kill with antibiotics.

CPE in Ireland

Many cases of CPE has been reported throughout the world in recent years. Ireland has seen an increase in the number of cases year on year. The number of cases almost doubled in 2016 to 280 cases and is estimated to increase by a third in 2017.

The Minister for Health highlighted the rapid and worrying increase in the incidence of CPE in Ireland, with a significant growth in numbers of cases. Outbreaks have occurred in 8 healthcare facilities resulting in high costs and bed closures. International experience indicates that CPE and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) need to be tackled at a national level. The Minister declared the issues as a public health emergency on 24th October and convened the National Public Health Emergency Team and activated the National Public Health Emergency Plan.

CPE and Irish hospitals

The spread of this superbug in hospitals can lead to the closure of beds, wards and units which reduces the health service and the hospital's ability to admit patients from Emergency Departments, provide services and to reduce waiting lists.

Guidelines and information are available from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

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