Patient Leaflets

We can all help ourselves and our families from getting infections.  There are lots of tips and information in the patient leaflets section including how to prevent infection when you are an inpatient in hospital, when you have a drip or tube inserted or if you have a urinary catheter (urine bag). 

The leaflets have also been translated into French, Irish, Polish, Spanish and Russian.

If you are one of the many people who carry a superbug or are infected by a superbug you can get more information on managing  MRSA, CPE, ESBL, VRE or other multi drug resistant organisms (MDRO). 

The patient leaflets have been clinically approved by the HSE national team, reviewed by patients and approved by the National Adult Literacy Association (NALA).  The leaflets are in a printable A4 format to make them easier to download. 

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cDiff patient information A4 factsheet - C diff bacteria live in the bowel along with many other bacteria. Usually, they cause no problems for people in good health.

CPE patient information A4 factsheet

ESBL patient information A4 factsheet - ESBLs are bugs (bacteria) that live in the bowel. ESBL is short for extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producer.

MRSA patient information A4 factsheet -what is MRSA, how did I get it, can I treat it? How can I stop MRSA spreading?

VRE patient information A4 factsheet
VRE are bacteria (bugs) that live in the bowel. VRE is short for Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci, but we will use only the short name – VRE – in this leaflet