Steps to Health Challenge

Steps to Health Challenge 2022

May 23rd  to June 26th 

This year's Challenge will start on Monday 23rd May and will run until the 26th June. Registration for teams will open from April 11th until May 1st on this website.

How to Register 

Registration remains open for teams that wish to participate and have their own stepcounters/pedometers or smart watch until May 22. Click HERE to register. Please follow the instructions below as it is different from last year in that team members are asked to sign up as well :

How to Register as a Team Co-ordinator:

  1. Select “Register as a Co-ordinator”
  2. Fill in your details as requested.
  3. Create a username (please don't use your email address or use spaces, choose something short)  and password. Then select “Register”
  4. Prompted to re login, select “Return” then scroll down and enter your username and password you have chosen in the “Username” and “Password” boxes.
  5. Then select “Register a Team”
  6. Enter your Team Name, answer the question “are you a team member of this team” Click Yes or No (you can only be a member of one team).
  7. Type in work site location.
  8. Select type of team “frontline” of “office based”
  9. Select option from CHO/Hospital Group/National, TUSLA or Other.
  10. Choose if your team wants to participate in the Leaderboards.
  11. Select “Register”
  12. Take a note of the Team ID, you will then send this to your team members so that they can register. You can retrieve the team ID by logging back in and selecting “Team List”.
  13. You are now set up.

Team Members Registration:

  1. Click on the Register link on the website
  2. Select “Register as a Team Member Using Team ID received from your team co-ordinator.
  3. Complete your details, name, email. Create Username and Password. Select “Register”
  4. Prompted to re-login select “Return”
  5. Scroll down to enter your username and password.
  6. You are all set up to enter your weekly steps when the competition opens.

 What is the Steps to Health Challenge?

The steps challenge is a five week walking challenge that supports health care staff to walk more. The aim is to get everyone moving more and counting their steps daily.

Steps can be accumulated in many ways. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk during your break and after work. 

Most of us walk between 3,000 to 5,000 steps a day. We challenge you to make up the extra steps so that you reach the goal of 10,000, which is more than enough to achieve health benefits.

It might take longer for those who are inactive at present. You can break up the steps into ten minute walks at a time and still get the health benefits. 

Steps to Health is for everyone, regardless of your fitness or ability levels. Aim to increase your step count on a daily basis. Remember, every step counts!

Best of luck from the national support team: Clodagh Armitage, Norma Deasy , Jennifer Carrie, Noreen Turley, Áine O'Connell and Áine Lyng

 Twitter: @hsesteps #hsestepschallenge | Email:

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Challenge Resources

Challenge resources can be downloaded below.