Liberating Structures

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Are you curious about new ways to inspire and encourage creativity or innovation in your teams?  If so you’ll be interested in liberating structures.  These are simple facilitation techniques designed to energise and inspire!

Liberating structures will especially appeal to those interested in quality improvement, disruptive innovation, behaviour change, collaboration, staff engagement, diffusion of innovation or positive deviance. 

Sessions are interactive and a positive opportunity to network and meet with and learn from others with similar interests. 

Useful Resources

  • For a full range of Liberating Structures see Liberating Structures
  • Download the Liberating Structures app on google play

Please note that these are resources we found helpful, however, we have no responsibilities in relation to your personal use of same.

Join the Liberating Structure User Group

In 2017 we established a liberating structures user group in collaboration between the HSE and RCSI Institute of Leadership.  It’s open to all and gives you an opportunity to learn and practice in a safe environment.  To find out when the next user group is meeting follow us on twitter at @LSusers or e-mail Juanita Guidera.

You can also set up your own user group we’d be happy to help you! 

Join the Liberating Structures Network

To join the liberating structures network, please send us an email to Juanita Guidera.  The network connects once a month to provide guidance and tips on engagement!

Comments from staff using Liberating Structures

“We adapted TRIZ approach for tackling some issues and to improve the quality of few services. The topics discussed were respite services, modified diets, laundry and communication. It was a huge success. The staff participated in this with enthusiasm. It was fun and a new way of learning. Most importantly everyone participated.  And we were able to find areas that we could improve on"   Acting ADON.

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