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This section of the website sets out some top tips for engagement that we’ve found helpful based on what staff tell us and our research on engagement.  You may also find this introductory presentation on staff engagement for quality improvement helpful. 

As you focus on engagement, think about what makes you feel valued. If it’s important to you, it is likely that it’s important to people who work in our service.  

We recommend that each team uses these prompt questions as a starting point in their engagement work.  The list can be adapted as needed.  Ideally, leaders discuss these with teams to identify what is working well or if there are suggestions for improving engagement in each of these areas.  Leaders also reflect on how they personally respond to these questions.  This insight is invaluable to them.

We’ve learned that leaders who engage staff do the following:

  1.  Ask, listen and hear  - know what’s important to staff
  2.  Act with integrity
  3. Value staff ideas - create space for creativity and innovation
  4. Include staff - share the decision making 
  5. Communicate with staff - tell them what’s happening 
  6. Trust staff  - relinquish control safely
  7. Be there to help staff, make it happen
  8. Say thank you!!! 

What can you do to make a difference today?  It might be as simple as saying thank you.  Best of luck!

Find more staff engagement tips (PDF) that you can print. 

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