Growth Monitoring Resources

Growth charts have been introduced for babies born in Ireland after January 1st  2013. The new charts have been adopted as policy by the Department of Health and have been adapted for Ireland from materials originally developed by the WHO and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in the UK.

The charts include a suite of new 9-centile growth charts for children in Ireland to be used for all newborns from 1st January 2013. Existing growth charts will continue to be used for children born before January 1st 2013. New charts for children 4 years and older will be introduced at a later date. The charts describe optimal rather than average growth and set breastfeeding as the norm.  The new charts were constructed using data on healthy breastfed children from around the world who had no known health or environmental constraints to growth. They should be used for all infants however they are fed.

All health professionals who use growth charts should receive some training.

The National Growth Chart Implementation Group recommends 3 hours training for users.

Education and training materials on this page have been prepared by a multi-disciplinary training sub-group. If you are interested in self-directed learning or in delivering training to practitioners please follow the training and lesson plan for growth chart training. Some of the training materials have been developed locally and some adapted from RCPCH materials.

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UK- WHO (Ireland) growth charts (0-4years)

The new charts consist of new A4 charts (Boy and Girl) covering 32 weeks gestation to 4 years. The growth charts contain a wealth of explanatory information along with clear instructions on measurement, plotting and interpretation.

The charts can be freely downloaded under the following terms and conditions:

NICM Boy Growth Chart 2.pdf (size 482.9 KB)

  • The charts must not be used for the purposes of advertising or promoting other products
  • RCPCH/WHO/Department of Health must be acknowledged as chart developers in any publications or products
  • Charts are copyright © 2009 Department of Health, this copyright notice should be reproduced on all copies
  • Users may not claim any intellectual property rights over the materials or seek to restrict use of them by others
  • Anyone wishing to print the charts for commercial reasons should first obtain permission from the Department of Health (UK), and contact MB Crown copyright
  • Any version printed for sale must adhere to the printing specification
  • Chart images must be reproduced in whole without cropping or altering in any way.

Neonatal and Infant Close Monitoring Charts

In addition there is a new Neonatal and Infant Close Monitoring (NICM) low birth-weight chart (23 weeks gestation to 2 years corrected age) for very preterm (less than 32 weeks) and sick neonates (Boy and Girl). These charts are based on combined WHO and UK 90 data.


It is possible to misread head circumference scale on NICM chart in babies with very large heads;  for further information please read this Notice on the RCPCH website. 

Training Manual and Appendix

The statutory national core health programme as set out under Best Health for Children included recommendations for growth monitoring of all children aged 0-12 years in Ireland. The national standards in growth monitoring still apply and are contained in the revised Growth Monitoring Training Manual October 2012. This is a revised and expanded version of the Growth Module Unit 6 of the Training Programme for Public Health Nurses and Doctors originally written in 2005. It is an essential element of the training for the use of the new growth charts in growth monitoring. The appendices contained in the Growth Monitoring Training Manual are available as a separate document.

Training and Lesson Plan for Growth Chart Training

This document gives an outline for a 3 hour training exercise. It is also suitable as a guide for self-directed learning.

Growth Chart Training Evaluation Form

Use this document as a template, which may need to be modified to reflect the training programme delivered

Powerpoint Presentations

Trainers will need to download the presentations to their own computers for training purposes.

Practice Activity and Answer Sheets

Practice at plotting on the charts and interpreting patterns of growth are an essential part of the training

Video Demonstrations

The following 5 video clips clearly demonstrate measuring techniques for growth monitoring. Each one lasts less than 1 minute. In a training situation it will be useful to prepare for an appropriate level of sound projection e.g. access to speakers. The videos have been produced by the RCPCH.

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  2. You can download the videos in WMV format and use locally.
  3. You can watch the videos on YouTube.

Access to video files will vary depending on your local IT settings. If you work in the HSE and have trouble viewing these videos, contact your ICT Service Desk.

The educational and training material on this page can be freely downloaded and used without charge as long as their source is acknowledged in any publications or products using them they are not used for the purposes of advertising or promoting other products. Users may not themselves claim any IP rights over them or seek to restrict use of them by others. The copyright notice © 2009 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health notice should continue to be reproduced on any copies you may make or distribute.