Generic Medicines

More and more people are using generic medicines in Ireland. They contain the same active ingredient as the product they’re based on, and they’re just as effective and just as safe.  The only difference – apart from the name and the packaging – is the generic version is usually available at a lower cost.  So you save money while the medicine does its job.   

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A generic medicine treats the same disease or condition as the original medicine.

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Reference Pricing

A new pricing system is being introduced one medicine at a time. This means that the HSE will set one price, called the reference price, that it will pay for a group of interchangeable medicines. 

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Advice from the GP and the Pharmacist

Watch our videos with Dr. Patrick Redmond and pharmacist Tom Maher as they discuss the differences between generic and brand name medicines and what making the switch to generics will mean for you.

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Search the Irish Medicines Board list of Interchangeable Medicines

Find answers to commonly asked questions about generic medicines. If you need to know more about generic medicines, have a word with your doctor or pharmacist.