About the Environmental Health Service

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) protect the public’s health by controlling and preventing environmental factors which may cause ill health or reduce your quality of life. While many health professionals in the HSE promote and protect health, an EHO’s approach is different. Much of our work involves enforcing regulation on tobacco control, cosmetic products, drinking water, food safety, sunbeds control, public health alcohol legislation and infectious diseases. 

We are enforcers of the law and highlight public health risks that are not regulated but which in our opinion require control.  Examples where this may happen include gyms, leisure centres, tattoo and body piercing parlours.

Feedback on the Environmental Health Service (EHS)

We want you to tell us if you have a comment, compliment or complaint about your experience and interaction with the Environmental Health Service.

If you have a query about correspondence you’ve received from an EHO you should contact them directly. Their name and contact details should be on the document you received.

For complaints or issues that you feel cannot be fully addressed by your local EHO you should contact the Principal Environmental Health Officer (PEHO). The PEHO should also be contactable at the address and phone number on the correspondence you received. Alternatively, see contact details for all Environmental Health Officers.

We aim to resolve matters raised with the EHS through local resolution. Formal complaints can also be lodged through other mechanisms within the HSE.

For more details see You and Your Health Service