NEHS export certificates

Food businesses notified to the National Environmental Health Service (NEHS) of the Health Service Executive (HSE) that are under the supervision of the NEHS and placed on the HSE register of food businesses can apply for an export certificate.  If you have not notified your food business to the HSE, you should visit to submit a notification.

An export certificate may be required when exporting food to Third countries - i.e. countries outside of the European Union (EU).  Export certificates may be required where an importing country needs a declaration to provide information about product safety or suitability for consumption, or to otherwise facilitate fair trade.  Export certificates are not required when products are distributed within the EU.

The HSE cannot issue an export certificate for food products manufactured, packaged or bottled in another EU country or in a third country for distribution outside of the EU by a company or a brand owner in Ireland if the food did not come into the country and is not being exported from Ireland.

Similarly, you cannot apply for an Export certificate unless the product is leaving Ireland from a HSE supervised food business.

Export certificates are issued under EU Food Legislation and are issued based on relevant, correct, and verifiable facts and data.

Applying for an export certificate

An application for an export certificate can only be made online. 

Access the online portal

The online portal allows applicants to create an online account through which product details (i.e. product name, product description, manufacturer etc.) can be saved for future applications. Users can also track progress and history of their applications via the portal.

For your export certificate application, you will require your food business premises reference number.  This number was provided by the NEHS (i.e. Premises Ref) when you notified your food business and is quoted on all correspondence from the NEHS in relation to your food business.