Pest Control

Controlling and eliminating pests such as rats is important as they are not only unpleasant but may pose a danger to health. The responsibility for keeping land or premises free from rats or mice lies with the occupier. EHOs have legal powers to deal with premises infested with rats or mice.

If the rat or mouse issue is caused by accumulations of waste or litter or occurs on public land please contact your Local Authority. If the infestation is associated with drains or sewers please contact Irish Water at

Many rodent problems can occur due to rodents being disturbed during building works a similar leaflet has also been produced aimed at those in the construction industry.

Contact your Environmental Health Officer

Pest Control Service Dublin

The HSE provides a Pest Control Service for residents in Dublin City and County only. The HSE pest control team investigate and where necessary treat premises free of charge where rats are found and are deemed detrimental to health and wellbeing. If your request relates to any other pests including mice, bees, flies, wasps, foxes we are unable to provide treatment.

Please contact your local authority:

  •  If you have an issue with waste or litter.
  •  If you have an issue related to derelict buildings.
  •  If you have an issue with rats seen on public land.

If you live in rented accommodation contact your landlord or local authority as treatment is the responsibility of the landowner.

Dublin City Council: 01 222 2222 or

Fingal County Council:

South Dublin County Council: 01 414 9000 or

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council: 01 205 4700 or

If your email relates to rats associated with sewers/drains, please contact Irish Water 

To contact the HSE Pest Control Service in the Dublin area only please email us at the address below.

Please provide your name, address, contact details and a description of the problem.

For requests for treatment in north Dublin Email:

For requests for treatment in south Dublin Email:

Freephone Pest Control: 1800 211 774