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Chiropody or Podiatry Service

Why would I need to see a chiropodist?
The most common conditions that a chiropodist/podiatrist will treat are foot ulceration, infected lesion on foot, ingrown toe nail, thickened or deformed nails, corns and callus (hard skin)

Who can access the service?
Residents of

  • Lisdarn Unit for the Elderly, Cavan
  • Sullivan Memorial Home, Cavan
  • Brefni care unit, Ballyconnell
  • Virginia Health care unit, Virginia
  • St. Mary's Hospital, Castleblayney

If you attend the Day Care Centre at:

  • St. Felims Hospital, Cavan
  • Virginia Health Care Unit, Virginia
  • Darley Unit, Cootehill
  • St. Mary's Hospital Castleblayney
  • Oriel House Monaghan

Or - if you have diabetes and your GP is enrolled in the Diabetes Watch Programme

How do I access the service?
Speak to the nursing staff in your residential unit or day centre.
The nurse will complete the referral form
The chiropodist will assess and treat you at the residential centre or day care centre
If you have diabetes contact your GP to find out if a chiropodist attends the practice

Day Care Centres
Day care centres provide meals, hygiene/bathing, laundry services, hairdressing and chiropody services. They also promote social contact among older people and help prevent loneliness. For carers and relatives, it provides respite in caring for people during the day.

How can I access the service?
Contact Project Manager's Office (049) 4360437 or see below for the full list of Day Care Centres in Counties Cavan and Monaghan with contact details.

Day Care Centres

  • Active Virginians, 'The Wood', Rahardrum, Virginia, Co. Cavan 049 8548232
  • Advanced Peoples Club, Stadone, Co. Cavan
  • Ardaghey Social Services, Rathwallace, Monaghan 047 85165
  • Arva Day Care Centre Arva, Co Cavan
  • Aghabog Day Care Centre, Dernaroy, Aghabog Co. Monaghan 047 54287
  • Bailieboro Day Care Centre, Avandale, Bailieboro, Co. Cavan 042 9666570
  • Ballinagh Senior Citizens, Ballinagh, Co. Cavan 049 4330213
  • Ballybay Social Services, Clones Road, Ballybay 042 9741918
  • Ballyhaise Day Care Centre, Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan 049 4338132
  • Ballyjamesduff Social Services, Lismeen, Ballyjamesduff 049 8544133
  • Belturbet Community Council, Creevy, Belturbet, Co. Cavan 049 9522785
  • Broomfield Housing Development LTD, Agheeshil, Broomfield, Co. Monaghan 042 9743758
  • Bunnoe Day Care Centre, Corcora, Lisboduff, Cootehill, Co. Cavan 049 5553192
  • Butlersbridge Day Care Centre, Urney, Butlersbridge, Co. Cavan 049 4332407
  • Castleblayney 55 Club and Social Services, Tullynacrunat, Castleblayney 042 9740853
  • Cavan Social Services, St. Clare's, Cavan 049 4331134
  • Clones Day Care, Carn Dun, Clones, Co. Monaghan 047 52271
  • Clones Active Retirement, Analore Road, Clones, Co. Monaghan 047 51071
  • Caoga Senior Citizens Social Club, Lisglasson, Clontibret, Co. Monaghan 047 80726
  • Cootehill Senior Citizen's Association, Cootehill, Co Cavan 049 5552153
  • Cootehill Widows,Station Road, Cootehill 049 5558803
  • Corlough Day Care, Corlough, Co. Cavan (049) 9523187
  • Cornafean Day Care, Coolbawn, Corlesmore, Co. Cavan 049 4337902
  • Denn/Crosskeys Day Care, Monery, Crossdoney, Co. Cavan 049 4337168
  • Doohamlet Day Care Centre, Rossullus, Castleblayney 042 9740762
  • Drumcor Day Care, Monery, Crossdoney, Co. Cavan 049 4337168
  • Drumkill Day Care, Lisnashannagh, Monaghan 042 9744824 or 042 9742418
  • Drumlane Social Services (Milltown), Milltown, Belterbet, Co. Cavan 049 95222258
  • Drung Day Care Services, Cornacarrow, Drung, Co. Cavan 049 5553397
  • Golden Oldies Tullacmongan, Tullacmongan Resource Centre, Killymooney Drive, Cavan, 049 4372976 
  • Gowna Day Care Centre, Dernafest, Gowna, Co Cavan 043 84018
  • Killeshandra Day Care Services, Resource Centre, Killeshandra, Co. Cavan 049 4334983
  • Kilnaleck Social Services, Church Road, Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan 049 4336395
  • Kingscourt Social Services, St. Ernan's Hill, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan 042 9667735
  • Knockbride, Knocknashammer, Tunnyduff, Bailieboro, Co. Cavan
  • Laragh Senior Social Club, Tonnyconnolly, Poles, Co. Cavan 049 4330191
  • Latton Social Services and Development, Drumbannor, Latton PO, Monaghan 042 9741653
  • Lavey Social Services Derryglen, Carrickaboy, Co. Cavan 049 4330516
  • Maudabawn Community Alert, Gallonreagh House, Maudabawn, Cootehill Co. Cavan 042 5552239
  • Monaghan St. Vincent de Paul, Glaslough Street, Monaghan 047 82198
  • Mullagh/Cross Friendship Club, Corlatt, Mullagh, Co. Cavan 046 42204
  • Mullahoran Senior Social Club, Drumcor, Loughduff, Co. Cavan 043 83234
  • Mullyash Day Care Centre, Drumacrib, Castleblayney 042 9746128
  • Munterconnaught Active Retirement Association, Knocktemple, Virginia, Co. Cavan 049 8548149
  • North Monaghan Social Services, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan 047 87175
  • Older Men's Organisation, c/o St. Felim's Hospital, Cavan 049 4331900
  • Older Women's Network, c/o St. Felim's Hospital, Cavan 049 4331900
  • Positive Age 049 4360434
  • Redhills Day Care Centre, Treehoo, Redhills, Co. Cavan 087 96226766
  • Scotstown Day Care Centre, Augherakilton, Scotstown, Co. Monaghan 047 89668
  • Shercock Day Care, Shercock, 042 9669152
  • Swanlinbar Day Care Centre, Swanlinbar, Co. Cavan 049 9521130
  • Templeport Social Services, Gowlagh, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan 049 9523322
  • Tuesday Club, 78 Killyconnigan, Monaghan 047 77941
  • Virginia (St. Vincent de Paul Society), Raffoney, Virginia, Co. Cavan (049) 8547672

Day Hospital Services

Acute Hospital
We have in recent years actively developed a specialised Consultant led service for Older people with the result that Consultant Services in Geriatrics, both on an in-patient and/or outpatient basis, are available in the Acute Hospital

How do I access the service?
One of the following people can refer you to the service
- Your GP
- Your Public Health Nurse
- Acute Hospital Inpatient services
- Acute Hospital Outpatient services
- Your residential service

Team Led Rehabilitation Day Hospital Services
This service includes a team based multi-disciplinary approach to provide a comprehensive range of assessment, treatmentand rehabilitation services to older people living at home. The multi-disciplinary team may also complement the community based services by providing some outreach services where required, thus providing a continuum of care. For access to the Day Hospital the older person must required the services of two disciplines or more.

How do I access the service?

One of the following people can refer you to the service

  • your local Public Health Nurse
  • your GP
  • Acute hospital inpatient services
  • Out patient clinics,
  • your residential service

Home Support Service The aim of the Home Support Service is to enable vulnerable people in the community to stay at home for as long as possible. The Home Support Worker helps with tasks that you are unable to carry out for yourself or you do not have relatives or friends who can help with such tasks. These tasks may be personal care such as washing dressing and other activities of daily living or they may be practical care such as housework duties, preparing and cooking meals. The level of support provided will vary according to the needs of the individual and these needs will be reassessed on a regular basis.

How do I apply for the service?
Contact your Public Health Nurse who will carry out an assessment or contact the Home Support Office:

Cavan (049) 4360445 or (049) 4360447 or (049) 4360448 or (049) 4360449 or (049) 4360450

Monaghan (047) 30455

Public Health Nursing
The public health nurse provides home and clinic nursing care to persons over 65 years who have a medical card.  Services include post hospital care, dressings, injections, referral to respite and day care and assessment for Nursing Home Subvention, home support, nursing aids and appliances.

Post Hospital Care
If you require nursing care on discharge from hospital, your public health nurse will be notified by the hospital.
Dressings and Injections
Contact your GP who will refer you to the Public Health Nurse

Supports for the Older person
If you require any of the following, contact your local public health nurse (see List below):
● Referral to respite services or day care services
● Assessment for Nursing Homes Subvention
● Assessment for Home Support
● Assessment for Nursing Aids and Appliances

Where do I contact my local Public Health Nurse?
Public Health Nurses work from local health centres. You can contact your local health centre by telephone between 9.30am and 10.30am Monday to Friday if you wish to speak to the Public Health Nurse.

Find a list of Health Centres

Further Information
For further information on public health nursing contact the Public Health Nursing Department
● Cavan (049) 4373126
● Monaghan (047) 30477

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Residential Services

Assessment & Review
A period of assessment is provided to give the multi-disciplinary team an opportunity to observe/identify the potential of individual clients to remain at or return to a level of independence within the community and to identify areas of dependency, which may respond to intervention.

Convalescent Care
Short term residential medical nursing and allied health care is provided facilitating the early discharge of patients from Acute Hospitals, while ensuring that they receive the necessary care prior to returning home.

Continuing Care
Residential Care is provided for those patients who have become dependent to the extent that they are no longer capable of being maintained in their home environment. This service includes medical, nursing and allied health services, and aims if at all possible to restore the patient's independence to the extent that they may return home.

Dementia Specific Care
Specialised care is provided for clients who have a dementia related illness and includes Day Care provided by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Respite and Continuing Care provided in the HSE's residential units.

Rehabilitation is an active process by which those disabled by injury or disease achieve a full recovery, or if a full recovery is not possible, realise their full optimal physical, mental and social potential and are integrated into the environment most appropriate to their level of need.

Residential Respite Care
Short term residential nursing care, on a planned basis is provided for those who are being cared fro at home. This service is regarded as essential in assisting carers in their task of caring, by providing them with short term breaks from their efforts in maintaining their elderly relatives in the home environment

How do I access any of the above services?
Contact your Public Health Nurse

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Social Clubs
Social clubs are an important part of services for older people to support people at home, to assist those caring for elderly relatives and to reduce unnecessary admissions to institutional care. Social clubs play a valuable role in providing for the social and recreational needs of older people. They are organised and managed by voluntary groups.

Where can I get information social clubs in my area?
- Contact your nearest social club, a list is below
- Contact Projects Manager (049) 4360436

Positive Age, St. Felim's Hospital Cavan 049 4360434
Older Men's Organisation, St. Felim's Hospital Cavan 049 4360441
Older Women's Network, St. Felim's Hospital Cavan 049 4360433
Advanced Peoples Club, Stradone, Co. Cavan 049 4330148
Clones Active Retirement, Analore Road, Clones, Co. Monaghan 047 51071
Corlough, Corlough, Co. Cavan 049 9523187
Drumlane Social Services, Milltown, Belturbet, Co. Cavan 049 9522258
Knockbride Positive Age, Tunnyduff Lane, Bailieboro, Co. Cavan 042 9660521
Latton Social Services Development, Drumbannor, Co. Monaghan 042 9741653