Public Health Nurses in Cavan and Monaghan area

Public Health Nurses work from local Health Centres.  The public health nurse provides a range services free of charge to people in your community. They include child health visits and school visits, visits and care for older people, care on discharge from hospital.

The public health nurse provides home and clinic nursing care to persons over 65 years who have a medical card. Services include post hospital care, Dressings, Injections, referral to respite and day care and assessment for Nursing Home Subvention, home support, nursing aids and appliances.

The public health nurse will visit you within 48 hours of discharge from Hospital following the birth of your baby. They will continue to visit you during the pre-school period. During these visits they will provide advice and guidance in relation to food and diet including breastfeeding, bottlefeeding and weaning, Immunisations and Safety.
The school nurse visits all schools and carries out vision and hearing screening for all primary school going children.
If your child is over 4 years of age and still bedwetting, you can contact your local public health nurse (see below) or your GP who will refer you to Eneuresis Clinic